Income Tax Refund Status By PAN Card And Assessment Year

Looking for income tax refund status 2017-18 or if you want to know about your income tax refund status by pan card, no and assessment year 2017-2018 or this is the best step by step guide for know your income tax refund inquiry.


As per our Indian constitution, Indian citizen is provided with many facilities that are the betterment of oneself and country too. 

The Tax that we pay is used in the development of the country and so it is the common duty of a person that are holding huge business and government jobs.

ITR refund status by pan and assessment year income tax refund inquiry

Use of the internet is growing day by day and so is the facilities made so easy by it. From filling any form to the government services, it’s been so effortless work. So here in this post, you will get the answer to your question of: Know Your Income Tax Refund Status By Two Easy process and make your work hassle free rather than making complicated.

If you are facing an unneeded deduction of tax from your account, you can make sure the reasons and time duration of all those deductions. Suppose you have claimed back the refund and haven’t received yet, you have options that are as follows.


As if you are using too of some ITR work, then you want to face any problem. But if you are new at this search you may get confused, because there are the couple of ways to get Income Tax refund status. 

There are many online and offline ways to get your ITR status, and hence here I have found some easy steps and guide for you. Follow this process and know your ITR status.

[1. ]Know your ITR (Income Tax Refund Status) by PAN number and Assessment year

The assessment year can be explained as if you have received your income and paid tax at the year 2015-2016, then your Assessment year will be 2016-2017. I hope this example made your mind clear. 

Know your ITR (Income Tax Refund Status) by PAN number and Assessment year

The assessment year plays the vital role because you have to make an entry and that will help you to know your INR status. 

Click Here the link to know  ITR (Income Tax Refund Status) by PAN number and Assessment year


[2.] Know ITR status by Acknowledgement Number.


PAN card number that holds 10 digits number having numerics and alphabets too. The PAN card holder receives this number according to the Income Tax department. Each tax payer has to be aware of all the details of their own PAN card. Click here to check ITR status by acknowledgment no.

Income Tax Refund Status for Assessment Year 2015-16

 Know ITR status by Acknowledgement Number.

Online Method To Know INR status: 


Three to Four easy steps and you are at your destiny to know the INR status of a particular year.


1) Click on the link and log in ttoit.


2) The PAN card number that is 10 digits needs to be add in the box given.


3) Select the assessment year that you need to search the status.


4) Submit the data and you will be navigated to the page that contains your INR status.


Whatever the data you have added, the screen will show that specific information and thus you will easily understand the INR status.


Receive your INR status by Call or Email:


Suppose you are not an internet user, Income tax department has fulfilled your demands too. You can get a call or email that is optional. The calling number is toll-free, so you don’t need to bother much and call the SBI help desk; they will provide you the INR status.


1. Call on SBI help desk number: 1800 425 9760 and enquire about income tax return status.


2. Send an email request for ITR status to or


Know Online by Acknowledgement Number:


[ 1.] Whenever you get your PAN card, you will receive Acknowledgement number along with it.


[2.] This acknowledgment number is needed to be added in the box that is found on the page that you have landed on.


[3.] You need to fill the form by adding acknowledgment number. 

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