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Recently, Mukesh Ambani; the chairman of the reliance industries Ltd has announced a new 4G Phone which is featured with the Volte feature and it has too much low price that one can easily buy this phone. Mukesh Ambani in his address to the Annual General Meeting ( AGM) of the year 2017 and has announced that the reliance industry has launch a new phone which has plenty of feature like expandable SD card slot, 4-way navigation and much more from this.


Mukesh Ambani in his address to the AGM 2017 was excepted to bring out a new 4G Volte phone totally feature with lots of app and tools in it. This 4G Volte phone has points of much anticipation after the leaks and the rumors about this started doing the round all over the nation.

This Jio phone is come with an Alphanumeric keypad (keypad having alphabates and also numbers) and is features with a headphone jack, a microphone, a speaker and is totally gives well supporting the FM radio.

 Reliance Jio Customer Care Number:

Jio Service Info Number
Jio Customer Care Number 198 or 199
Jio Customer Care Number for Other Network 1800-889-9999
Jio Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800-103-8877
For New Jio Sim Connection 1860-89-33333
For Internet & Hd Voice Activation Number 1977
For Jio 4G Data Activation 1800-890-1977
Jio Customer Care Email id /
Live Chat Link
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An interesting fact about this new 4G phone is that; by using this phone, the phone user can speak to the device via voice commands, since this new 4G Volte jio phone is supporting to all the local and international language which help the user to handle this phone well.

Reliance Jio Phone 4G VoLTE feature phone: Price, specifications, Booking and Data Plan

Reliance Jio 4G feature phone:

The reliance industry Ltd is giving an option to the user to use the browser to browse the internet with the help of this phone. This new jio phone comes with jio apps; pre loaded with default app which is originally design for the Androids phone and such like a phone. 


The effective price of this new jio phone is Rs. 0! What does this number say? This means that you can buy this new 4G Volte phone at a very low price from the market at Rs. 1500. As per Mukesh Ambani’s addressed this much of amount is refundable after a short period of time, three years from buying this phone by the company; the reliance industries Ltd. This new 4G Volte Phone will be sold by the company on the basis of the first come- first service from the September 2017 on wards.



Developer Reliance Industries Ltd
Launched on 21st July, 2017
Screen 2.4 inch
Ram 512 MB
Processor Snapdragon 205 SoC, specifically ultra affordable for 4G Volte phones
Battery 2,000 mAh
Internal Storage 4 GB Internal storage 
External Storage Expandable up to 128 GB by using the Micro SD card slot
Rear camera 2 Megapixel
Software Kai OS, ( the Custom fork of Firefox OS for phones)
Connectivity Cat 4 LTE Band 3,5,40, Dual SIM, WI FI (but no WI FI tethering) along with USB tethering Support for some specific apps Bluetooth 4.1, Volte,Video calling And much more from this.
Price Rs 1500 only (refundable after short period; three years by the developer)


From the feature, availability to price and data plans, here is a list of 20 things which should be known by the users about the new jio 4G Volte phone. So, please go this detailed to know everything about this exclusive phone.

Free Jio LTE 4G Free Mobile Phone Price and data plans for this phone: –

  1. Mukesh Ambani; the chairman of the reliance industries Ltd has announced this jio phone, a 4G Volte feature phone and called this phone as “India ka smartphone”.
  2. The effective price of this new 4G Volte phone is Rs. 0. This does not mean that this phone not will be available free from the reliance industries Ltd, but you have to pay Rs. 1500 at the time of purchasing this and this much of amount is refundable by the company after a short period of time; three years.
  3. This phone is a feature phone with 4G volte feature with having a larger display to the other phone and better performance.
  4. one can easily have access to apps and of course the 4G data and 4G Volte call from this new 4G Volte phone. Since the effective cost of this phone to the customer is Rs. 0!! Amazing!
  5. This jio phone user will have to pay just Rs 153 per a month, which also includes the cost of the phone. Along with there are two plan for the jiophone users
  6. weekly plan of Rs 54 and
  7. a two days plan of Rs 24

Both of these plans have the same feature as mention above.


Free Jio LTE 4G Free Mobile Phone Feature of the Jio 4G Volte phone

  1. The Jio 4G Volte phone is mainly featured with the 4G Volte along with voice command interface.
  2. this phone comes with loaded jio apps as default from the manufacturer; the reliance industries ltd.
  3. This phone has a larger display; 2.4 inches. This phone also supports the jio cinema app and you can enjoy this well in this phone. So, users can easily watch movies this feature jio phone.
  4. this phone is also featured with SOS feature; that could be easily activated by a single press.
  5. The exclusive feature; NFC that help the users by making enable the quick payments and also the ability of cast contest to the users.


Free Jio LTE 4G Free Mobile Availability and Date of sale of Jio Volte Phone;

  1. From August 15 on wards, this phone will be firstly available in the market for the beta testing only.
  2. The Pre booking of this phone will start from August 24 On wards; Since this phone is sold in the market on the basis of first come- the first service from the September 2017 on wards.
  3. The target set up by the reliance industries Ltd for this phone is to make about a 5 million phone available per every week.
  4. From 15th of August on wards, the jio phone comes with free unlimited data. Since this phone has a feature of the free voice calls.


Jio phone; Made in India

  1. An interesting thing about this phone is that this phone is developed by the Indian engineers for the Indian Audience.


Free Jio LTE 4G Free Mobile Phone Other Things to Know About Jio Volte

  1. this phone will offer an innovative cable link to television to help the users view content on a big screen at home. For this, the users have to buy the package of Rs 309; Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan require to receive extra data require for enjoy this benefits.
  2. This phone will also give respond to the voice command; which is unprecedented for a feature phone from anywhere all over the world.
  3. Mukesh Ambani said that this jio phone will be the largest accelerator of the “Bharat”, India Connectivity.
  4. This 15th August of 2017 is declared as the ‘DIGITAL FREEDOM’ for all the users of the featured jio phone by the chairman of the Reliance Industries Ltd; Mukesh Ambani.
  5. Take note that this 4G Volte phone support only the SIM card of the Reliance (in fact, two slots). This clearly shows that this feature phone is aimed at increasing the subscriber base of the Jio.


Reliance Jio Customer Care Number for Jio Users:

Jio Customer Care Number: 198 or 199

Customer Care Toll Free Number  : 1800-103-8877

Jio Corporate customers care Number : 1800-889-9333

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